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Learning that leads

to real results. 

At TestRocker, we are passionate about personalized learning that incorporates technology and high quality content to enable students to succeed now and in the future. TestRocker is the shortest way to the highest improvements because we combine the best tutors with the best technology has to offer; leading to efficient learning.


TestRocker students have increased their school grades in Math & English by 20%. We also prepare students for standardized tests such as SAT and ACT, where we improve scores by an average of 180 points and 4 points, respectively. Students from 40+ countries around the world are using TestRocker to prepare for their standardized tests.

Our Leadership

Suniti Mathur

Chief Academic Officer

Suniti's 20+ years of experience with thousands of students has given her a deep understanding of what works with students of all proficiencies. She has taught Math & English and test prep at prestigious private schools around the world. All of TestRocker's videos, questions and explanations are created & recorded by Suniti.


Awards & Recognitions

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