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The power of TestRocker's Award-Winning Curriculum

Hear from parent Michelle about her experience with TestRocker from 7th grade - 11th grade!

ACT Math Curriculum

Number Properties. Basic & Advanced Algebra. Powers & Roots. Equations. Coordinate Geometry. Functions. Complex Numbers. Averages. Percentages. Ratios, Rates & Proportions. Logic. Triangles & Trigonometry. Lines, Quadrilaterals & Polygons. Circles. Solid Geometry. Logs. Matrices. Timed Practice Quizzes & Practice Tests. Test Taking Strategies. 

ACT Reading & Writing Curriculum

Reading Comprehension Overview. Paired Passages. Narrative Passages. Subject & Verb Agreement. Verbs. Tenses. Pronouns. Rules of Comparisons. Punctuation. Run-On Sentences. Passage Practice. Timed Practice Quizzes & Practice Tests. Test Taking Strategies. 

ACT Science Curriculum

Science Comprehension Overview. Interpretation of Data through tables, charts & graphs. Interpolation, extrapolation & mathematical reasoning. Scientific Investigation. Experiments, variables, controls and modifications. Evaluation of Models, Inferences & experimental results. Passage practice in three formats: Data Representation, Research Summaries & Conflicting Viewpoints.

TestRocker's Comprehensive ACT Curriculum

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