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Expert private tutors matched for your target score 
18 1-on-1ACT Tutoring Hours with a Top ACT prep tutor
24 hours of additional help sessions (groups of 5) 
Personalized Learning Plan 
Award-Winning ACT Course 
Practice Tests & Test Taking Strategies 
Progress Updates for Parents
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The Best ACT Prep Private Tutors

Higher Scores. Half the Price.

Our ACT private tutors are experts; trained on TestRocker's proven teaching method

Not just: Connect any tutor who might be familiar with SAT/ACT


Comprehensive curriculum & personalized learning plan based on proprietary diagnostic test

Not Just: Use generic SAT/ACT books and general strategies

Real time progress tracking and parent reports after every session

Not Just: Wait for the final score to see improvement

You pay half the price of what the competition charges

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The TestRocker Method for Higher Scores

This proprietary test provides a starting score and identifies your weak areas. 

1. Diagnostic Test

2. Personalized Study Path

Your personalized path recommends which topics to study at what level of difficulty. It is designed to push you to harder levels. 

3. Targeted Assignments

Your personalized study path will handpick questions to challenge you. Every question has a video explanation to guide you. 

4. Tutoring Sessions

Your tutor will review your assignments and teach you how to solve the ones you struggle with. Parents receive progress updates.

The power of TestRocker's Award-Winning Curriculum

Get a glimpse of the methodology that is followed by all of our tutors. Watch our Chief Academic Officer in action!

TestRocker's Comprehensive Curriculum

Math Curriculum

Number Properties. Basic & Advanced Algebra. Powers & Roots. Equations. Coordinate Geometry. Functions. Complex Numbers. Averages. Percentages. Ratios, Rates & Proportions. Logic. Survey, Sampling, Data Collection. Triangles & Trigonometry. Lines, Quadrilaterals & Polygons. Circles. Solid Geometry. Timed Practice Quizzes & Practice Tests. Test Taking Strategies. 

Reading Curriculum

Reading Comprehension Overview. Science Passages. Psychology & Sociology Passages. Contemporary US Literature Passages. US History Passages. The Great Global Conversations Passages. World History Passages. Paired Passages. Narrative Passages. Vocabulary Game. Timed Practice Quizzes & Practice Tests. Test Taking Strategies. 

Writing Curriculum

Subject & Verb Agreement. Verbs. Tenses. Pronouns. Rules of Comparisons. Punctuation. Run-On Sentences. Passage Testing for Language & Usage Conventions. Timed Practice Quizzes & Practice Tests. Test Taking Strategies.